Dust Extractor Machine


Dust Extractor Machine

About Dust Extractor Machine machine

Dust Extractor Machine is used to prevent dust accumulation and avoid cross contamination in pharmaceutical industry, when tablets are being manufactured. When used this tableting dust collector, it helps reducing the mechanical strain on the tablet making machine through dust removal from the punches and dies. When dust accumulation is avoided on the dies, breakdowns are minimized and efficiency increased.

Dust extractor equipment has a very effective shaking mechanism useful in dislodging the dust which is then removed off by the fans of dust collection system. The Fan and filter compartments are also accessible through a door for ease of inspection and maintenance.

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    • All contact parts are stainless steel 304.
    • Blower fan is dynamically balanced for noiseless & steady performance.
    • Easily mobile, fitted with castor wheels.
    • Helpful to overcome dust hazards as well as cross contamination during tablet compression.
    • Minimizes mechanical strain & excessive wear of tablet press, thus minimum breakdown problem of tablet press as well as less wear & tear of punches.
    • Inlet manifolds and dust collection tray are made of SS 304.
    • Plain flexible hoses from inside for ease in cleaning.
    • Four inlet manifolds are provided to connect any tablet press and two De-dusting.
    • Models are available in 150 cfm, 300 cfm & 1000 cfm Suction Capacity.